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Why Buy A Miniature Goat? We have found Miniature Goats make great pets. They are very intelligent, can learn tricks, can walk on a lead;
They get on well with other animals (introduce slowly); We have sold goats to families that don't want two dogs but need company for their dog; You can tie them up to eat certain areas in your yard; They help fertilise the ground in a nice way (you won't step in it!); They enjoy life and make you smile; They are wonderful, affectionate pets for children.

We are always ready for a chat about our goats or to help future breeders with information on things we have learn't along the way. Our stud started in 2005 and we currently have around 30 breeding goats. We have babies born in groups 2 times a year. We have a waiting list for people wanting to be called when babies arrive.

We are situated in Young, NSW. We are about 2hrs from Bathurst, Orange, Canberra, Wagga Wagga and around 3hrs from Sydney. Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia.

We specialise in Pure Breed Miniature Angoras and also breed miniatures in the following types; Nubian, Cashmere, Cashgora, and milking goat varieties.

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Phone: 0439 134040
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