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Retreat Doggy Day Care is fun central for your dog while you are away at work, or busy for the day. Designed with your dog in mind, they will play, socialise, exercise, sleep, and have on call cuddles and love all day, every day. Just as parents drop their children to day care, dog parents do the same with doggy day care and know that they will be supervised by professionals who love the dogs in their care. One of the best ways to keep your dog happy is socialisation and exercise. When you get home after your busy day, you can rest assured your dog will be also be pooped after a fun and proactive day with their friends.

Hours: 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday, Pick up and drop off option available.

We provide all toys, including balls, ropes, chew toys and agility equipment. In addition we have an outside grassy area to sniff about and discover the natural environment. You can also subscribe to status updates on your dog throughout the day via email to assure your dog is having fun and to brighten your day.

Supervision of your dog at all times ensures a safe haven. Smaller dogs are separated from our larger breeds and there is a special "time out" area for those that get a little boisterous. We have a cleaning and hygiene policy including daily cleaning of all toys, beds and of course the room itself, so you are assured of a hygienic environment. All dogs over 6 months must be desexed, and have up to date vaccinations to prevent diseases (such as parvo) in our outdoor area, and indoor rooms. Flea treatment is required and expected to be maintained at home. Four Paw Dog Groomers can provide the service of a bath and flea treatment when fleas are noticed on your pet, this is to stop the spread throughout the daycare. (Four Paw Dog Groomers services are an additional expense - see the friends of Retreat link for more details). You will be notified if this is the case. We expect our dogs to have no aggression issues and welcome you to bring your pet along to meet everyone.

One of the commitments you make when you get a dog is to provide it with love, care, exercise, socialisation and attention. We understand this, and our dogs are always so excited to be here because they receive all of these things with us. It's the place that you wish you could go to everyday.

Pet Minding & Boarding, Day Care in 73 Macgregor Terrace, Bardon, Brisbane, QLD

Phone: 0432 429 499
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