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Remedial and therapeutic massage for dogs - Physical rehabilitation following injury - Mobile service to your home covering Perth Metro & SW Western Australia - In clinic appointments also available in Doubleview (Perth) and Bridgetown (SW).

Remedial massage is emotionally and physically therapeutic for dogs and cats. Massage is a holistic treatment that can assist your pets recovery and manage the wellbeing of your pet through various conditions, including arthritis, lameness, limping, cruciate injury, luxating patellas, hip and elbow dysplasia, anxiety and ageing (to name just a few).

Professional massage differs from the massage that you apply yourself at home in the same way a professional human masseur can provide superior treatment for human muscular issues.

I am an experienced dog massage therapist with a Diploma in Myo-therapy. I use specialised massage techniques, trigger point therapy, and acupressure together with my knowledge of canine anatomy to restore balance to your pets musculo-skeletal system.

When used in conjunction with veterinary medicine massage can contribute to the further wellbeing and quality of life of your animal companion.
Feel free to contact me or visit my website for more info. I look forward to answering any questions you have about the suitability of this treatment or service and I hope to be of assistance to you and your precious pet.

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Phone: 0448984809
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