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Rabbit Run provides bunny minding, bunny dating and educational services.

Bunny Minding - Your bunny will be looked after as if they were our own. They will be housed inside and will have time out of their hutches during the day to play and explore. In fine weather the bunnies have supervised play time in their bunny tunnels in their own rabbit run in a bunny proof garden or verandah. When the temperature reaches 25 degrees or more we always bring the bunnies inside so that they do not suffer from heat stress.

All of our facilities are temperature and air controlled. We run hospital grade air purifiers, air conditioning and heating. We are conscious of risks to the bunnies such as mosquitos, heat, stress and illness and have implemented practices to address these.

Rabbit Run-Devous - Bunny Dating Service -
Not all bunnies like each other, so we offer a free bunny dating service to find the right companion bunny for your bunny. If your bunny is particularly hard to bond, we can keep them overnight.

Bunny Education -
Rabbit Run's Bunny Talk Program introduces concepts of animal welfare by teaching responsible pet ownership specifically for rabbits. Delivered by trained presenters using a range of props and fun activities, the program also includes an opportunity for students to interact with our orphaned rabbits who come from our charity affiliate, Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage.

Rabbit Run was then founded in December 2007 by Judi and Bryce Inglis. The business was established to provide information to new bunny owners about caring for domestic rabbits, and to provide pet businesses with an updated source of information about rabbit care.

Rabbit Run supports Rabbit Runaway Orphanage, the first Australian Chapter for the House Rabbit Society and Victoria's First and Only No Kill Sanctuary for rabbits.

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