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Qozqo (pronounced Koz-Ko) is a world class Alpaca stud situated in the Southern Tablelands just south of the Australian Capital Territory, specialising in breeding fine, dense, coloured huacayas and suris. Use of carefully selected superior genetics has produced animals with fine, soft, white, cream, apricot, light fawn and grey fleeces with beautiful handle and lustre.

Val and John Johanson live at Williamsdale just south of Canberra, and had been breeding quality angora goats for 23 years. Seven years ago we bought our first alpacas to use as guard animals in an effort to keep the foxes at bay and save our kid goats. Within a few months we had fallen in love with these inquisitive, quiet, environmentally friendly animals and now are running around 200 alpacas- and NO goats!!

The first decision we made was to breed 'grey' alpacas and we carefully selected our initial purchases based on grey genetics in their breeding. The beautiful creams and apricot colours soon took our fancy as well, and we added light fawn and suri genetics to our herd. Light fawn is a poor descriptor for the wonderful colour range from cream and warm light fawn, to apricot and almost pink or mushroom colour.

Ten years later and 430 cria (babies) later, we are totally smitten with these quite, intelligent animals who come running to check what we are doing and make sure we are doing it right. We are delighted that our choice of carefully selected genetics is producing high quality, fine, lustrous coloured fleeces in the colours we, and others, are looking for.

Qozqo Alpacas is a member of the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) which represents alpaca owners at all levels and is the collective voice of over 2100 members in all States. The Association is the primary resource for breeding and promoting alpacas. Qozqo practices a Good Farming Practice program in conjunction with our veterinarian to minimize the chance of getting or spreading certain preventable infections and infestations such as Johne's Disease (JD), severe worm infestation, liver disease, gastric ulceration, liver fluke infestation, and coccidiosis

We would love to hear from you and show you our beautiful animals.

We offer a wide range of alpacas for sale to suit your needs and budget.

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