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The world of pets has changed in recent years with more animals moving inside to share our homes and lives and becoming not only our fur babies but playing a very important part of the modern-day family. Our role as a pet parent has also changed and owning a pet means that you are responsible for your pet's nutrition, lifestyle and medical care for their entire lives.
With the exponential advances in veterinary science and medicine, pet owners now have the option to seek specialist treatment and the best possible care should their pet need it during their lifetime. However, these major advances in technology don't come without costs and this is where pet insurance comes in.

Pet Insurance plays an important role in making sure that your pets can receive the care that they need if something unexpectedly goes wrong. We don't ever want a pet owner to have to choose between finances and the well-being of their pet and our pet insurance options help to provide pet owners with both financial and emotional peace of mind.

Achieving good health occurs from a combination of knowledge, responsible breeding, consistent and positive training, good nutrition, plenty of exercise and proper medical care to create a harmonious balance of good physical, mental and social well-being. If our pets ever get into a position of experiencing an accident or illness, we also want to give them the best possible chance to bounce back and make a full recovery.

Whilst there are a lot of things in life we can't control, we like to focus on the things that we can and making sure that the ones you love are protected when it counts is one of them.

The future of pets is exciting and we're thrilled to be part of the change to keep them happier and healthier for longer. We offer specialised pet insurance options for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and are Australian owned and operated.

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- Receive a free personalized gift upon sign-up
- Exclusive discounts on pet products
- Exclusive discounts on pet services
- Perks for humans

- Specialised insurance options for dogs, puppies, cats and indoor cats
- We offer GapOnly - no upfront fees, claim on the spot and only pay the gap
- $0 excess to pay at any level of cover which means that there are minimal out-of-pocket expenses when you need to pay for your pet's treatment
- Lifelong protection
- Get reimbursed if a vet needs to visit your pet at home
- We offer VetSelect with an annual limit of $25,000: one of the highest around. It covers things other policies don't like behavioural therapy, treatment for dental illnesses, alternative therapies and prescription diets
- Unique, accidental injury and illness cover market-leading benefits rates, the shortest waiting periods around, and no surprises at claim time
- Our benefit rate is the market leader: 100% until your pet turns eight and 65% after that
- Quotes take less than a minute
- Fast and easy application, your pet can be covered from midnight tonight
- Lifelong protection
- Completely secure and underwritten by Australia's largest pet insurer
- Enjoy a fast, simple, online claim service
- We'll work with any licensed vet in Australia
- Have peace of mind knowing your pet is protected
- Protects you from the risk and financial stress that comes with high veterinary costs
- Ensure your pet has access to medical care when they need it

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