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What happens when an owner becomes frail or unwell and is unable to care for their pet in the same way they used to? It's during these times that Northside's Pet Assistance and Wellbeing Service (PAWS) can provide support. The Northside team works with pet owners to provide support with transport for pets to and from vet clinics for health appointments, arranging temporary homes, pet walking, feeding and grooming. Our volunteers and program partners work together to ensure clients need not worry about the wellbeing of their pets during difficult times.

Many older people are provided with support, friendship and care by their furry companions. Our In Home Support team experiences these friendships on a daily basis. Run by volunteers, PAWS supports pet owners by; arranging regular walking for pets; feeding and grooming services, providing transport to vet appointments; and arranging temporary homes for pets.

Did you know that pet owners:
- Visit the doctor less often and use less medication
- Have lower cholesterol and blood pressure
- Recover more quickly from illness and surgery
- Are less likely to be lonely and isolated

If you or someone you know may benefit from this program, please contact our intake officer on 02 6257 2255.

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Phone: 02 6257 2255
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