My name is Pat Toovey and I have been raising rabbits since 2004. I raise Flemish Giants in most colours

If I can help you get a start in the rabbit breeds, I am willing to answer any questions about them,
just email me.

All our Rabbits are vaccinated against the Calici Virus at 6 weeks , 12 weeks then every 4 months. All are treated against Coccidiosis, Enteritis, Worms, Ear mites & Fleas on a regular basis. All Rabbits sold go with a Bag of feed, a copy of their health records & a Birth Certificate plus an information booklet . I also offer ongoing email assistance when you buy rabbits from me.

We are located in Welby 2575 in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

About My Breeds:

Flemish Giants
This is a very old breed which originated in Flanders hundreds of years ago. Once you have owned a Flemish Giant you will never want anything else! These gentle giants are docile and very affectionate. They do require more cage space and a solid floor for part of their cage but also make great house and yard pets. They come when called and love children. They are more expensive to raise and therefore are more expensive to buy but well worth the price! They are as big as a small dog or big cat. If want something to hug and love. These guys are it!

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