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OH CRAP Dog Poop Bags' mission is to help reduce the 3 - 4% of landfill that is dog poop! We want to make a difference in the world - "one poop at a time".

We've saved OVER 1 MILLION plastic bags from landfill so far and counting....

We got sick and tired of not being able to do something good for the environment - so we took action and we've started on a "movement about movements" to try and reduce the amount of plastic bags in landfill that is dog poop! Our bags break down faster than any other bag - it's been tested and proven! See our website for more information.

The bags are made of a eco-friendly "green" alternative to plastic called Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). Don't mistake these for plastic or "biodegradable bags" which could take months, years or decades to break down in landfill.

Ours are proven and tested be be more than 90% degraded in 6 months - in ANY kind of landfill.
In Australia, there are approx million dogs that create over 1200 kilograms of waste PER DAY!


Personal use and Retail/Volume packs available.

Poop Scoop, Dog Bags, Pet Waste Removal Services in Highton, Geelong, VIC

Phone: 1300 36 24 76
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