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Netherland Dwarf baby rabbits for sale in Sydney. Genuine purebred. The Netherland Dwarf is the littlest pet rabbit in Australia, petite little bunnies that stay little bunnies. The average adult weight is 900grams to .

NethieLand Sydney: Established in 2005, we have forty years of experience with rabbits and 16 years of experience specialising in the Netherland Dwarf House Rabbit.

View life with our house-unit bunnies on our Facebook page, NethieLand Sydney Netherland Dwarf House Rabbit Specialists.
Humane, Responsible, Experienced, Bunnies made with love xoxo.

All proceeds from the sale of our bunnies are reinvested back into our bunny nursery to provide maintenance, good quality of life, vet care, vaccinations,
The very best food and environmental enrichment.

Rabbits, when maintained properly, are cleaner than a dog or cat; They are gentle and peaceful creatures that are entertaining and delightful company.
The perfect indoor family companion pet.

The Average Netherland Dwarf Rabbit life span is eight to ten years with appropriate care.

Outdoor rabbits do not live their full lifespan potential!
The average life expectancy for an outdoor rabbit is three months to three years if very lucky,

"Deadly" rabbit viruses are released everywhere in Australia on a very regular basis by local councils to control - cull the wild rabbit population,
After the initial baiting - release of the Rabbit Calicivirus via carrots and infected mosquitoes, various strains of Rabbit Calicivirus are transferred mainly via flies, fleas, mosquitoes, and on contaminated grass and weeds, highly contagious! ( Keep your beloved bunny off the grass! )

With weather extremes in Australia, deadly parasites, other rabbit viruses, predators and spiders, It makes sense to vaccinate correctly and;
Keep your rabbit indoors with you, So you can have a closer relationship, love and protect them.

Rabbits are naturally social creatures that need your friendship!
By keeping your rabbit indoors with you, your bunny will be happier with your company and live a lot longer.

Our baby bunnies are raised inside our clean family home in air-conditioned comfort to be clean; toilet trained Indoor Family Companion Pets.

Our precious bunnies are selectively breeding for excellent health and temperament and nurtured with many years of experience:
Ensuring they are socialised, calm and friendly characters.

Essential pre-adoption treatments:
Our bunnies are health checked, and starter Calicivirus vaccinations are injected at four and eight weeks old.
Proactive vet grade preventive treatments are applied,
For peace of mind, money and heart.

Our bunnies are ready to leave us at eight weeks old; For good health and survival.

New to bunnies, not a problem! We have you covered! Our care guidance includes a handling and maintenance lesson with a rabbit specialist, a care guidebook and comprehensive aftercare support.

Adoption fee $350 per bunny, and the purchase of essential bunny equipment. We organise everything for you to care for and enjoy your furbaby confidently.

Located in Gordon NSW 2072. Contact us for lots of in-depth information and available appointment times to meet our baby bunnies.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Are you currently a member of an approved rabbit show/hopping club? If yes, which one/s?
Rabbit clubs are dangerous! Potential sporous disease and virus transfer. Not worth the risk of being involved! Anyone can be a rabbit club member for $25. Rabbit clubs do not and can not monitor their members. The statement "registered breeder" is not allowed to be used for rabbit club members! Rabbit Club members can legally only state: Rabbit Club Member) No such thing as a registered rabbit breeder unless you are a meat rabbit producer. Hoping clubs are dangerous! Back injuries are common, and diseases are highly contagious. For the health of our rabbits, we do not take part in rabbit clubs or hopping clubs; biosecurity is our priority.
Question. Do you health test appropriately? Eg:- no discharge from eyes, nose, mouth, ears, bottom area, active, eating, and drinking well and healthy.?
Health checked with 20 years of experience and vet care support. Teeth Checked, Clean, Healthy, Emotionally Well.
Question. Do you take all precautions to reduce the risk of contraction of calicci virus and/or myxomatosis eg:- fly wired all hutches, minimising the risk of mosquitoes and insects into your rabbitry?
Bred inside our family home. Airconditioning - fly screens. Every bunny is vaccinated according to the Australian Veterinary Acciocations Guidelines. Trained and experienced to vaccinate.
Question. Do you lice/mite/worm/flea treat and trim nails of all rabbits before selling?
Question. Do you sell your babies at 8 weeks and over as recommended?
Question. Do you offer a care information sheet and ongoing support to new owners?
A Revolution applied, nails trimmed, bunnies must be at least eight weeks old to leave NethieLand. Comprehensive, experienced care guidance paperwork and aftercare support.
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
Question. Do you discuss care, desexing, housing issues when selling your rabbits?
Comprehensive care guidance, aftercare support. We offer a follow-up appointment at 12 weeks old, A health check, recommend the best desexing age for each rabbit and refer to vets. Not many of our bunnies need to be rehomed because we interview potential buyers for long term suitability. We are very selective about who adopts one of our bunnies. If rabbits need to be rehomed, we assist. The adoption and education process with us takes about 2-to 3 hours in total if adoption is approved.

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