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Wild Things in your Backyard - Grow your own LADYBIRDS, Get a NATIVE STINGLESS BEEHIVE. These little sweeties will win your heart and will pollinate the neighbourhood's plants!

LIVE INSECTS - Grow your own from babies with our Live Insect Kits. A fascinating learning experience for children. They may even choose to live with you permanently.

STINGLESS NATIVE BEES - They are a must for our yard as we lose our older trees to residential development. They help to pollinate your plants and supply honey. Buy a complete kit with bees and hive and help a potentially endangered species.

WILDLIFE BOXES - Destruction of naturally occurring hollows - or as we call them ,'animal hotels', in trees and logs means that possums, bees and birds are competing for homes. How can you help? Buy a home for your wildlife and watch them remove bugs from your yard and help your garden grow.

Made locally by a talented Brisbane craftsman who has a passion for saving our native fauna. We are supplying Brushtail Possum nesting boxes, Rosella and Lorikeet nesting boxes & Kookaburra nesting boxes. These come in kit form and can be couriered/mailed to your front door. Easy to follow instructions & all pieces included. So simple to make a difference & offer some wildlife a home.

Pet Accessories, Pet Supplies in 47 Chalcot Rd, Anstead, Brisbane, QLDOnline Pet Supplies, Pet Accessories in 47 Chalcot Rd, Anstead, Brisbane, QLD

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