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I'm just a station girl, loving life on the land & enjoying the chance to share a few captured moments...Pilbara, WA. All photos are available for purchase. Anyone interested, please just send me a message for a price list & details or head to my website.

A little about me...I'm 26 & have spent the last 21 years with red dirt in my veins. Growing up, my brother & I were lucky enough to be involved in all aspects of station life, taking radio lessons at the cattle yards so we could be there to "assist" (haha) with the cattle work.

I slowly worked my way up the mustering ranks, starting with my pony Taffy (aka 'the watermelon horse' named such by our dry humoured pilot) we only measured about as tall as the cows so turned out to be perfect for the lead job while droving. I spent many an hour pulling spinifex splinters from my palms during my stint at mustering on our little PeeWee 80 motorbike (the size of the bike may have changed but the splinters part hasn't!)

I was never one to chase the company of other kids, as long as I had my dog, calves, horse & assortment of other pets including chooks & joeys, I was content. After 5 long years at boarding school I was finally able to come home and continue to do what I love on a place that has a stronger hold on me than I ever thought possible

Through photography, I have found a way to share so many special parts of my life which in turn has led me to appreciate what I have so much more.

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