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Miniature Goats Australia (MGA) is a breed Association and registry founded in 2014 and is open to Australian Miniature Goats, Pygmy Goats, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Other miniature breeds may be added in the future.

MGA was originally formed to safeguard the future development of Australia's own Miniature Goat breed.

The original Australian Miniature Goat has been bred down in size and stature from Australian bush goats and other purebred goats, from breeds firmly established in Australia since the 1900's, with generations of parentage behind them.

In 2018 MGA members voted to include the Pygmy Goat and the Nigerian Dwarf Goat into the Association. Whilst crosses of these breeds are permitted to transfer in from other groups MGA requires that the animals then grade up by pairing back to their own breed.

MGA is a unique, friendly group where members are encouraged to help each other and mentor new breeders. We foster friendly competition that includes animals from any group. Non MGA members are welcome to show with us but please note testing for CAE & Johnes is an MGA show requirement.

The Association has a focus on recording the absolute history of all animals including all births, deaths, lineage and photographic ancestry, and as such MGA requires that their members register all animals owned by them to guarantee correct information is collected and retained for years to come. This ensures the integrity of each and every animal.

We regularly organise events and weekends where members can catch up with fellow breeders to learn new things and get ideas. Guest speakers, judges and vets are part of these events.

Miniature Goat Shows and breed displays are encouraged and assistance is always available.

Whilst we understand that accidents happen, multiple occurrences of reckless mating or poor husbandry practices does not fit with our values.

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