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Lil Rose Rodentry is an Australian rodentry based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia. We have a strong focus on improving the overall health and temperament of rats and mice in Australia.

We are only a small scale breeder so we don't always have rodents available, but when we do, we can assure healthy and friendly rodents as loving family pets.

We currently have three rat lines:
BEW - based around BEW and BEW carriers, in silk, black, agouti, mink and dilutes
Blue Velour - based around the velour coat type in the colour blue and dilutes
Chocolate - based purely around chocolate colour rats and dilutes

Though we will never breed any rats or mice that show signs of aggression and/or Illness, regardless of the colour, marking or coat type. Each rodent gets fully checked over for aggression and illness to be sure I am only breeding the healthiest and friendliest of rodents.

All of our rats are a non negotiable price of $25 or two for $40
All of our mice are a non negotiable price of $7, or two for $10

We sell our rats either desexed, or on a desexing contract, our rats are PETS ONLY, we will very rarely sell our rats to breeders, we are very strict on who our rats go to.
Please do not ask for an undesexed rat, as refusal will offend.
Every available rodent that doesn't get reserved/adopted by the time they are 4 months old, will be staying at the rodentry to live out their lives, We will sometimes have rodents above the age of 4 months for sale however. All rodents that show signs of aggression and/or illness will be humanely PTS/euthansized, I WILL NOT sell any rodents that are aggressive or sick, and although I cannot guarantee that every rodent will stay health once they leave the rodentry, different smells, bedding, care etc will affect the health of rodents.
Please contact us if any rodents purchased through my rodentry are aggressive or sick in any way so we can track down the line and improve that particular line or discontinue is necessary.
We keep our rats in a sanitary matter to ensure that our rats are healthy, but as soon as they leave our care, they may not to housed in a sanitary matter therefore cannot guarantee health.
We will NOT sell any of our rodents as food for other animals, whether it be for Reptiles, Ferrets, Birds of Prey, etc. I WILL NOT tolerate any of my rodents being fed to another animal, I put in a lot of time and effort to keep my rodents as healthy and friendly as possible for pet owners only.
We will sometimes have frozen mice available as feeders, although not very often as we don't cull very heavily

We are pro responsible rodent keeping/breeding, I do not encourage pet shops in any way, Please think of adopting rodents from rescue groups or REPUTABLE breeders, Animals from pet shops come from 'mills' these are large scale breeders who breeder entirely for profit, most pet shop animals are sick and die an abnormally young and painful death. I have caps the word 'reputable' breeders because there are many breeders who claim to be good breeders that are not responsible breeders in any way, Please ask lots of questions to every breeder and read their ethics carefully to be sure they are breeding for the wellbeing of the rodent, not for the money (I can ensure you there is absolutely no profit whats so ever in breeding rodents properly) If you are unsure if a particular rodent breeder is reputable or are wanting to know some reputable breeders in your area, feel free to contact me, I am in contact with most rodent breeders around Australia, and I can lead you to the right breeder if needed.

Check out our website for more information and all upcoming and current litters, also be sure to like our facebook page to be up to date with all of the rodentries latest updates and to see many pictures of our litters/rodents.

For more information please visit our website. For any other questions and inquiries feel free to message me on our Facebook page or email me or phone on: 0490 363 404

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Phone: 0490 363 404
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