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Labrador Rescue Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation and is run by volunteers who donate their time and open their homes to our rescues. The group has volunteers located in ACT, NSW, Queensland and Victoria

Where do the dogs come from?
The labradors we rescue come from an even mix of the pound and private surrenders. We save dogs from pounds in our regions, and where necessary from further afield. These dogs would otherwise be put down without ever getting their second chance at life. We also take in animals that are surrendered directly to us. This however, only happens in circumstances when all other alternatives in finding the dog a new home have been exhausted. We also have a free private re-homing service, where responsible owners are able to rehome their dogs through our website, if the dog is fully vaccinated and is desexed.

Do you save them all?
While we would like to save them all, we are restricted by the number of foster homes and carers we have available to us. It is only through the generosity of our foster carers that we have these safe houses.

We only take animals that are suitable for rehoming. The dog must be sociable and display a good temperament. In this regard you can take comfort that our dogs are road-tested and there won't be any nasty surprises.

Is there an adoption fee?
Most of our dogs have a $400- $450 adoption fee. This fee recovers our rescue and fosterings costs which include:
- vet fees for desexing (most dogs come to us unspayed)
- treatments where there are injuries or an illness
- microchipping; vaccinations; heartworm and intestinal worm treatments
- transport from pounds to foster homes
- ongoing food cost;, bedding and toys; leads, collars and other incidentals.

While some people may baulk at paying for a rescue, we suggest you do your homework and see what it costs to purchase a puppy and then have it desexed and provided with the necessary treatments listed above. Realistically you are probably coming out better financially by adopting a rescue. And, you can also take pride in the fact that you've saved a life that is very much deserving of a second chance!

We'd love to chat to you all over the phone but unfortunately we were getting at least 30 phone calls a day when we provided phone numbers. We have volunteers who respond to enquiries and all of us have different roles to play. We all work full time and have families and pets that need some of our time as well. We found that with the volume of calls, we were not able to juggle our busy lives and respond to people as quickly as we would like. So we have chosen to ask everyone to message or email us as a first point of contact to allow us to get back to you as efficiently as possible.

If you're interested in adopting a labrador please fill out the Adoption Application on our website.

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