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The Flemish Giant rabbit is quite intelligent and In spite of their huge size they are very docile and quiet creatures, generally speaking. They also don't run around and jump as much as the smaller breeds, preferring to laze around most of the time. For this reason, Flemish Giants can actually be better pets for children than some of the mini breeds, which are much less friendly and which are prone to nipping and biting. A Flemish Giant may be a good choice if you are looking for a pet with a relaxed temperament that doesn't need to run around too much. On the whole though they do have a great personality, are calm and well behaved.

Flemish Giant rabbits are the largest recognized breed in Australia, because of their large size a lot of people breed them for meat, but they do make excellent pets for busy people wanting a low maintenance pet. They also make great indoor pets, a desexed buck is always cleaner to have inside and you can train them to go in a litter tray like a cat.

How old can they live to?
Rabbits can live anywhere between 7 to 15 years old. A Flemish Giant would probably live 8 to 11 maybe 13 with proper care. Of course, this is just an estimate. Your rabbit could live longer, or shorter.

How big they get?
I expect my kits to reach a minimum 5kg if properly housed/fed from a baby, my females are 6-7kg one being 8kg

Cage Size?
Minimum recommended cage size for a Flemish Giant is 3'x2'. Bigger is better. A great cage for an indoor Flemish Giant rabbit is an XL Dog Crate with a litter pan and a bed. Increasing the area with an exercise pen is a great way for the bunny to have more space.

Will rabbits get along with other animals?
With few exceptions, rabbits do not get along w/other rabbits. Two intact males will often fight to the death. Fixing them will help and it takes time and patience to bond rabbits, especially if they are used to living alone. Best way to bond rabbits is to get 2 from the same litter or have 2 young 8week old bunnies to grow up together best pairing we've found is a fixed buck and a doe. 2nd best is two fixed does. Flemish Giants get along VERY well with cats, dogs, guinea pigs, turtles etc... You just have to be sure that your dog or cat doesn't want to eat the rabbit!

About Jodies Giant Bunnies:
I am a breeder of giant bunnies/Rabbits Giant Flemish bred bunnies in a large variety of colours, bunnies are expected to grow over 5kg by 12months old suitable for pets (not suitable for showing)

Baby Bunnies Available from 8-12weeks old i very rarely have babies available older than 12weeks old, ADULTS ARE NOT FOR SALE

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