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At Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic we have an experienced and dedicated group of Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses offering personalised care to your beloved pets.

Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic welcomes their customers as members of their own family and provides a full range of services in all pet care needs.

We are happy to see a range of pets from dogs and cats to birds, fish and reptiles. Our staff are dedicated to providing a warm and supportive customer experience in both times of joy and difficulties with their pets.

We dedicate as much time as possible to the care of our customers and their pet family member and create a sense of safety and trust that each animal will be treated with utmost care.

For your peace of mind we offer a 24hr emergency service if your much loved pet gets into trouble outside of our usual hours.

For After Hours Emergency call (07) 3202 1554

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Phone: (07) 3202 1554
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