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I'm Your Bunny Boutique Boarding provides a very personal, in-home bunny boarding service.

With over 20 years experience with bunnies, your bunny/bunnies receive the best love and care, with their own large x-pen, daily out of pen free roam run around time in a bunny safe area and lots of love and affection. We provide all their essential daily needs of hay, water, high quality fresh leafy greens, litter tray, toys and enrichment and also send you regular photos and videos via Whatsapp.

We make our own healthier choice oaten hay bunny treats for all the bunnies in our home and also sell them online through our treats website ( ). We provide our bunny guests Oxbow and Burgess pellets as well.

All boarding bunnies live inside our home to ensure they have all the social interaction they need, have a consistent room temperature, and keep them safe from predators and mosquitoes.

If your bunny/bunnies have any medical conditions, we can administer oral and injectable medications and subcutaneous fluids. We can also pick up the early signs of a bunny being unwell and get your bunny to bunny savvy vet care.

All boarding bunnies must have up-to-date vaccinations and get a Revolution treatment prior to boarding.

Pricing and availability is provided upon request.

Pet Minding & Boarding, Day Care in Altona Meadows, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0451 388 774
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