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Hobart Reiki offers Reiki and Seichim treatments for both people and animals who are in need of healing and comfort. The clinic is located on the eastern shore of Hobart, Tasmania.

Reiki for Animals
Animals are best treated in their own environment so the animal suffers the least amount of stress. For this reason, Wendy offers both distant healing and in home treatments. Most animals are very receptive to a Reiki treatment finding it extremely relaxing, which promotes faster healing. Animals find Reiki extremely beneficial in times of stress, illness or when needing to place a pet into boarding kennels. Treatments are also beneficial in the difficult time of transitioning between living and passing on, both for the animal and their family. Pets feel the same emotions as their family, even grief. A written report is offered for distant treatments. Please read the examples of how Wendy has successfully treated animals.

One of the wonderful things about working with animals is watching them respond to Animal Reiki. We have worked with a number of people and their animals in and around Hobart over the past several years. You can read about some of their stories on our website. Should you wish to discuss any of Wendy's treatments, please contact her by phone or send a message.

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Phone: 0439 312 434
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