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Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is Australia's first and only legitimate Deaf specific rescue. We are often referred to as simply Hear No Evil, sometimes abbreviated as HNE or also Aust. Deaf Dog Rescue (NOT to be confused with similarly named FB support group for deaf dog owners and rescuers.)

Hear No Evil is a registered non-profit rescue group (non-profit ABN: 67278965320) and we are run by a committee of volunteers abiding by all animal welfare regulations and ethics.

Hear No Evil a website, public FB Page and a designated rescue phone (0497414632). These are the ONLY ways of contacting our rescue - if you are speaking with anyone in regards to organising surrenders/adoptions/fostering or donations through any other way, without documented proof they are working on our behalf, then it is quite simply NOT US.

HNE volunteers may advise people of rescue options available to them and that they can contact the rescue directly if in need. Please note that we do NOT chase dogs to be surrendered to us, we help those genuinely in need when they approach us directly through official contact.

We are a legitimate and ethical Nation Wide rescue, with a case by case approach to each individual dog and potential adopter. We are a foster care based rescue, which means we do not have a shelter or kennels, all our dogs go into home environments where they are exposed to the day to day experiences of family life.

We take in all breeds, all ages, all conditions, but we can only do as much as our current resources allow. This sometimes means there is an extended waiting period before certain dogs can be placed into foster care due to lack of appropriate housing, funds or experienced handlers for the behaviour issues involved. Our first priority is to dogs at risk of euthanasia in council pounds and shelters, or neglect and abuse cases. Secondly we take in 'rescue transfers', where we assist main stream rescues by taking on the deafies they have in care in order to free up space so that they may help other 'hearing' dogs in need. From there we take on private surrenders, from a multitude of situations, not always with negative backgrounds. Sometimes it is in the best interest of the dogs to come into rescue care.

We are entirely run by Volunteers, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, who all spend much of their own time and money to help our dogs in care. Among our volunteers we have a number of professionals including dog trainers - qualified and studying, vet/vet nurses and studying vet students, experienced deaf dog owners, pet industry workers, Auslan interpreters, animal advocates, agility participants, therapy dog and working dog handlers among an assortment of other professions and experience.

We are entirely self-funded, we do not receive any government funding or grants. All money received by adoption fees, bake sales, bbq's, photo booths, raffles and other fundraisers goes directly back to covering the costs of our dogs and honorary canines in need. It pays vet bills both standard and emergency, day to day supplies, food, wormer, shampoo, enrichment toys, and transport.
Rescue and Rehoming is not instant.

Potential ADOPTERS are required to complete an adoption application to be assessed for suitability, they then either have a phone or in person interview to gain more information as to the lifestyle, expectations, costs, training, and any possible hurdles they may face during the life of the dog. Adopters are then subject to a yard check, either in person or via photo or video documentation. Where possible, This can be done at the same time as the meet and greet, we prefer to have all members of the family present and any resident dogs to ensure everyone gets along and there is no immediate issues. If all goes well the adoption may proceed on payment of the adoption fee in full, or with a payment plan agreement in place.

Potential FOSTER CARERS are required to complete a foster application and are also subject to a yard check to ensure the safety and security of potential foster dogs. We respect the restrictions that carers may have in regards to what breeds, ages, gender and behaviour issues they are willing to welcome into their homes, although these restrictions may mean that suitable dogs may not always be available and there may be a long wait before receiving a foster dog.
SURRENDERS may take an undefined amount of time which relies heavily on whether we have the resources to cater for that particular dog's needs.

If you have a dog in need of rehoming, please do not delay contacting us until the last minute, the more time we have the better chances your dog has of finding an appropriate foster home.

Please note, will always endeavour to help as many dogs as our current resources allow, but sometimes we simply cannot fit your dog in to the rescue.

We are considered a No Kill rescue, that means we Do Not euthanase dogs for space or because they have been in care too long, nor because they are deemed un appealing to adopt. We have a duty of care for each animal we take in as well as our carers, volunteers and the only circumstances for euthanasia in our rescue is if the dog is considered mentally, or physically unsound, and this is only after professional advice from both a Qualified Dog trainer/behaviours AND a practicing Veterinarian. It is not a decision taken lightly, and it is never done in haste.

We strongly believe in Quality of life, and we give every dog in our care the best chance they can to overcome any behaviour or medical issues in order to live Happy, healthy, Safe lives.

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Phone: 0497414632
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