Healing Hooves - Rescue & interactive sessions for all ages & abilities - Gold Coast, Qld

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Location:Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD
Phone: 0466254563

Bringing Horses with Special Needs and Humans with Special Needs together to find Compassion, Empathy, Connection and Purpose.

We offer safe, experiential and interactive sessions with adults, young people and children through the horses.

School Visits:
Nursing Home Visits
Seniors Week Morning Tea/ FREE
Mental Health Programmes
Casual Interaction

Participants will:
Gain confidence
Learn general horsemanship
Learn team work
Have fun
Problem solving

Our Purpose
Rescuing horses from slaughter to Re-home and Rehabilitate these horses to be for various community organisations and schools for our Current Community Organisation Clients. And give opportunities to local Businesses used for Equine Therapy Programs to support a valuable, local community charity organisation.

Our Commitment
To maintaining the well-being of those horses and retrain them for Therapy work while training Volunteers to care for the horses and understand their world. Writing programs for under privileged children and adults to enhance self-esteem and future prospects for work and interaction in the community.

Our Goal
To give each horse a valuable, natural role and sense of purpose in supporting humans to find themselves and achieve Magic. At Healing Hooves, we offer safe experiential and interactive sessions with adults, young people, and children of all ages can find happiness and self esteem through being with the horses in a very positive way.

Our Vision
To enhance and maintain the lives of all people in the local community, working in a safe, nurturing environment where horses and people can come together to find a sense of love, loyalty and purpose giving clients & volunteers the opportunity to interact with horses in a nurturing, therapeutic & fun way.

Pet Charities, Volunteers in Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD
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Education, Training, Courses in Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD
Trail Riding, Horse Camps, Horse Riding in Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD
Education & Information, Pet Advice in Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD
Phone: 0466254563
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