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Happy Paws Haven is a no-kill animal rescue and rehoming centre in Northern NSW which provides adoption or re-homing services throughout Australia. At Happy Paws Haven our primary focus is on the animals in our care. Our NSW Rehoming Number is R251000043.

We are an essential part of the community which is demonstrated by: Our work with schools and colleges, We are run by volunteers, We provide the ability for community service, We provide work experience, We assist families with animals in crisis, We educate the community about responsible pet ownership. We rescue and rehome approximately 150 animal per year and are totally funded by donations from like minded people. We are only taking in animals in crisis now, due to our shortage of funds. We balance our intake with our rehoming rate and our capacity to care based on our funding and cash flow. Each animal that enters the Happy Paws Haven shelter receives a proper veterinary check, microchipping, desexing and are well fed and cared for in a loving and caring environment, all of the animals are free roaming and are only locked in cages when they are sick.

Happy Paws Haven also has a no kill policy meaning that no animals are euthanased unless they are of course suffering an illness with no chance of recovery or suffer major behavioural issues that endanger other animals including humans. This only takes place if all other avenues of rehabilitation have failed.

We commit to every to every animal in our care never euthanise a sociable, healthy or treatable companion animal whatever their age and to give them a haven to be in until we find them a home no matter how long that takes.

Pet Rescue, Animal Shelters in 140 Tindal Road, Eatonsville, NSW

Phone: 0266449936
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