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Fly4Paws is a not-for-profit organisations dedicated to providing air transport across Australia for animal rescue organisations, through our network of volunteer pilots and their aircraft.

There are 970 animal rescue organisations around Australia, many of whom desperately need to transport animals to adoptive families or medical treatment.

Our Fly4Paws volunteer pilots will help transport these animals to their new homes. Not just for dogs, Fly4Paws will transport cats, birds or other animals that are in an emergency situation and require transport.

About Fly4Paws
Fly4Paws is a not for profit organisation founded by Thomas Prell in 2017, providing air transport to animal rescue organisations across Australia. Needless to say, if the opportunity requires an overseas emergency dash then Fly4Paws can also provide the transport means through the army of volunteer pilots. The animals can be varying from dogs, cats, birds, or other animals that are in an emergency situation and require transport.

Fly4Paws is not a rescue organisation, rather it's a transport provider for the 970 rescue organisations across Australia.

Fly4Paws is regulated through CASA rules and regulations. Any transport of animals is strictly conducted under the CASA regulation 256A.

Normally most transport of rescue animals is conducted by road. These trips take a long time and usually stresses the animals. There are commercial carriers which will fly rescue animals (at cost) but can only reach the major cities and the larger regional airports. Fly4Paws will fill the gap by connecting the general aviation and commercial pilot community and their aircraft where they can land at almost any of the 600+ airfields across Australia.

Fly4Paws connects 32,000 pilots across Australia (general aviation and commercial) to volunteer their time and aircraft for the cause of transporting animals that are in an emergency situation such as being on death row or require urgent medical treatment.

Fly4Paws also delivers urgently needed animal (we won't exclude human!) medical supplies to remote communities and to provide transport means for vets to remote areas where animals can't be transported.

Please help the rescue animals by helping Fly4Paws provide a much needed transport service. Normally through commercial flight it costs thousands of dollars to transport one dog. Fly4Paws, with our volunteers, will assist in allowing those animals to be fostered or re-homed in a much more efficient way.

Donate today. Every dollar counts towards providing the operations of Fly4Paws a means to assisting the rescue organisations. Every dollar helps and is tax deductable.

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