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Dogs on the Run is Canberra's PAWsome boutique dog walking business owned by Barb and Carolyn. Pooches just love us! We are based in the Inner North and service all areas of North Canberra.

No matter how much you love your pooch, sometimes life gets in the way and you can't be there to give them the exercise and attention they need. Work priorities, family commitments, injuries, overseas travel ... whatever your situation, we can take care of your pooch's needs while you take care of yours.

We don't walk in packs. Instead we'll take your pooch (or pooches if you have more than one) on their very own adventure, giving them plenty of exercise, time to explore and check their weemail.

You won't find us at dog parks. We understand that some dogs prefer their own space and are happier exploring their own neighbourhoods and nature trails at the end of a lead. We'll make sure your pooch is safe, happy and pooped when we bring them home to you.

We now also provide one-on-one obedience training sessions to help you teach your pooch the Rules of the Doghouse.

Our Services :
We offer individual dog walking services as well as obedience training. We devote each walk only to your pooch, we will happily walk two pooches for the price of one, as long as they can both be walked safely by one person.

If you have more than two pooches, just have a chat with us and we can work out a price for both of us to come out and make sure all your furry ones get the care they need.

We always meet with you and your pooch before we start to make sure you're comfortable with us, and to give your pooch a chance to sniff us out.

Walkies with your pooch are either 30 minutes or one hour long, depending on your pooch's needs. Walkies prices start at $30 for half an hour or $50 for an hour. There's no extra charge for walking two pooches at once, unless they're so bouncy they need two humans for a happy and safe walk.

We offer one-on-one obedience training in hourly or half hourly sessions as required. We use motivational training techniques and can help you and your family work on any obedience issues your pooch might have. More complicated behavioural issues might need the help of a trained animal behaviourist, and we can recommend some options if this is the case.

Our rates are $80 per one hour one-on-one session, or $40 for a half hour walk/training session.

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Phone: 0458 82 9663
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