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Your pet deserves to be our priority.

Each of our veterinarians have over 16 years of experience, and during this time have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in both small animal medicine and surgery. They strive to continue their education, and enjoy acquiring new skills and knowledge, to help our furry friends in the areas of surgery, anaesthetics, dentistry and treatments for varying aspects of small animal behaviour. We are family operated and have a team focus to providing our clients with the same quality of care we would expect for our own beloved pets.

Our Services Include:
* Behavioural consults & feed back from Dr Cam Day (behavioural specialist)
* Separate cat only consult room
* All vaccination, microchipping & desexing procedures
* Comprehensive diagnostic equipment including radiography, ultrasound & inhouse pathology
* Advanced dentistry & free dental checks
* Skin problems & Osteoarthrisitis
* Expertise & facilities in both orthopaedic & soft tissue surgery.
* Cruciate surgery (ACL surgery)
* Patella/kneecap surgery
* Custom made knee braces
* Rehab therapy/Acupuncture
* Puppy preschool program, implemented by a fully qualified veterinary nurse
* Cat boarding
* Professional grooming & hydrobathing
* Housecalls
* Nutritional advice - a full range of premium pet food, and the provision of Prescription Veterinary Diets for pets with special dietary needs
* Birds & pocket pets - husbandry advice, nail & wing trims
* Free first aid for wildlife

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Phone: 07 3808 1085
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