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Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care is a social enterprise that provides veterinary support for the human-animal bond, and connects pets and people in individual households, families and communities. We deliver a unique and personalized veterinary service to pets and their people in the Bellarine, Geelong and Surf Coast regions. We aim to connect and support people through all stages of pet ownership, to help the human-animal bond reach its potential and flourish, and to offer compassionate support during times of crisis and loss.

-Quality of Life Assessments / End of Life Care
-Compassionate Home Euthanasia (subject to availability)
-In Home Pet Companion Support - elderly, sole companion and therapy pets
-Stage of Life Pet Care Management
-Education, Coaching and Mentoring

Alicia Kennedy has lived and worked in the Geelong region for much of the past 20 years. Her passion for our region's lifestyle and unique community is conveyed through her work as a small animal veterinarian. Alicia has held a long time fascination with the human animal bond. In particular Alicia finds it an honour to support and guide people through end of pet life planning and preparation. Her sensitive and compassionate approach is valued by many of her clients whose pets she has euthanased. Alicia also has a passion to support pet ownership in the elderly and mentoring young people who want to work with animals. To this end she has developed Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care, the first of its kind service in the region, to enable her to do what she does best - provide compassionate support and guidance through all stages of pet ownership and help the human animal bond flourish in to its potential. Alicia lives on the Bellarine with three daughters and her husband and a full menagerie of much loved, imperfect pets.

For more information, including fees, contact Dr Alicia Kennedy:

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Phone: 0439094379
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