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Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Wildlife Refuge is dedicated to rescuing not just orphaned joey wombats but also sub-adults and adults that are in need of medical care whether it be from accident, injury or mange. Along with wombats, we care for many species native animals with the focus being on animals that are in need of more than routine care to get them to the point of release.

Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Wombat Hospital was founded Roz and Kev Holme over 30 years ago when they recognized the plight of the bare nosed wombat. The loss of habitat, road hazards, and debilitating sarcoptic mange have all contributed to their steady decline. This year Roz was awarded a Pride of Australia Medal for Volunteer of the Year for the Environment.

Please visit our website and facebook page for more information and updates.

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Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc is a not for profit organisation that is recognised as a charity by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. It is operated solely on donations, and contributions from it's founders Roz and Kev Holme. As the organisation grows, so do its needs. The number of animals in care has been as many as 25 at once as well as those on soft-release (allowed to come and go as they wish for supplemental feeding until they are truly ready to be free). Much of the time not spent looking after animals in care is spent treating wombats in the field affected by mange.

Donations are used to provide milk and other feeds as well as purchasing medical supplies and equipment for the hospital and treating wombats in the field.

Donations can be made via our paypal on our website or directly to:
Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc

Wildlife Care and Rescue in Cessnock, Hunter Valley, NSW

Phone: 0429 482 551
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