Jovelles Cat Motel was established in 2005 and is managed by Terry and Chris Merritt. Terry and I have been breeding cats for more than 35 years so with this knowledge and experience, we designed and built our small, specialized CAT ONLY boarding facility.

Our visiting furr-persons stay in self-contained private units, large enough to bring items from home such as favourite beds, scratching poles and more.

Each unit has two different height shelves to allow our visitors to get exercise as well as relax up high, which is usually their favourite place. We also offer the use of an outdoor exercise yard for those wishing to exercise more in the outdoors.

There are solid walls between the units so that there is NO CONTACT between visiting felines. This is important both from a safety perspective as well as for health and well-being.

One cat or kitten - We charge $16 per day for each cat or kitten housed separately. If you bring your cat to us in the afternoon, we do NOT charge for that evening at all. The cost of boarding begins the next morning. If you collect your cat or kitten in the morning, there is no charge for those hours. There are several factors that influence the cost of boarding with us. At Jovelles Cat Motel, we charge by the day. Therefore whether your cat/s come in between 6-8am or 4-6pm affects how you will be charged.

CURRENT CHARGES: The rates quoted below are current as of the 1st July 2013.

BOARDING RATES - Two cats or kittens sharing
If two cats or kittens from the same household share, the charge is $28 per day.

3 or more?
If you have 3 or more cats / kittens, we can also accommodate them in our largest unit. Price from $40 per day by negotiation.

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