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CATS NSW is a cat governing body in New South Wales and the ACT and proudly affiliated with the Australian Cat Federation Inc. CATS NSW is a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of all cats, responsible and ethical breeding of pedigreed cats, and the showing of pedigreed cats and desexed domestic cats.

As a governing body, CATS NSW offers its Clubs and breeders advice and guidance where possible. The Committee of CATS NSW meets on a monthly basis to discuss current issues affecting Clubs, breeders and the wider cat fancy, and effectively manage our organisation.

CATS NSW is proudly affiliated with the Siamese Cat Society, Borderline Cats and the Cool Country Cat Club and we conduct a number of All Breeds Championship Cat Shows. Please refer to our show calendar for these upcoming events.

Cats NSW is a member of the Australian Cat Federation / ACF

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