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Perth's First Exclusively Cat Only Vet Hospital is now open. Our centrally located, specially designed cat-only hospital provides a quiet and calm environment with no sounds or smells of dogs. This means your loved feline will experience less stress which allows them to heal and recover more quickly. In fact most cats will actually enjoy their visit to the cat vet and both you and your cat will notice the difference from the first visit.

We offer both first opinion and referral consultation; from annual wellness visits and vaccinations through to complex disease diagnosis and management. Our services include digital radiography, digital dental radiography, ultrasound, in house laboratory testing, chemotherapy and endoscopy.

Cat Hotel and Day Boarding:
We offer luxury accommodation in boutique cat condos that have been designed specifically to cater for the special environmental needs of cats. Respecting your cat's needs for vertical space, every condo has tiers to enable your cats to perch up higher.

Guests will enjoy a separate ensuite litter tray room, away from their accommodation area to give them the privacy they deserve. To minimise the risk of airborne viruses such as cat flu, we have an integrated ventilation system that accommodates between 15 and 20 complete air changes per hour per condo.

For families with more than one cat, there are optional port holes with doors that can open up two condos to join each other. If your cat requires any medication this will be administered by one of our registered veterinary nurses. Kitty guests are welcome to stay for day care or longer periods if required.

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Phone: (08) 6489 2222
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