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We are a unique dog day care that has redefined the standards of superior care for our canine guests. Our holistic model has been developed to engage the dog's six senses, to stimulate on every level, everyday.

Our Approach
Sight - in-house DogTV, a special audio-visual therapy program that is proven to de-stress and stimulate the mind.
Touch - canine guests play and socialise all day, whilst carefully supervised by staff.
Smell - specifically selected DoTerra lavender oil burnt via a cold diffuser to calm and alleviate anxiety in dogs.
Hearing - feel relaxed by the classical, low-tempo music played throughout the daycare.
Taste - taste buds are excited with our locally-bought organic treats.

'Sixth sense' - feel the love and great energy at Bones & Harmony!

Check out the three facilities that our canine guests will be enjoying!

DOGNASIUM - Every day is a leg day in here! Also, the best place for both exercise and socialisation. We use rubberized flooring (not concrete) to absorb the shocks and joints of repetitive jumping and romping.

MIND-BOOSTER PEN - Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. Our canine guests are provided with different mind stimulation games each day. In here they can also kick back and chill with DOGTV.

ZEN ZONE - Being a dog is hard work. They can zen out by large murals and endless off-the-floor beds, leaving them relaxed and mellowed out before home time!

Not all dogs are born as lucky as yours, or mine. Let's work together to help the voices that aren't heard.

In collaboration with BARC (Bali Animals Rehabilitation Centre), we donate proceeds to BARC's Education Day Program.

This program aims to stop the stray dog epidemic in Bali by educating children about animal welfare, and introducing them to the injustices of animal exploitation and mistreatment.

When you purchase:

20 Day Pass - 1 x Child receives an Education
Unlimited One Month Membership - 1 x Child receives an Education
Unlimited Three Month Membership - 3 x Children receives an Education

Please ask us more on how YOU GIVE, WE GIVE.

Pet Minding & Boarding, Day Care in 5 Duke Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC

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