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The Birman club of Queensland provides a meeting place for people who have a common interest - their love of the Sacred Cat of Burma. The club is affiliated with the Queensland Feline Association Inc, which is a member of the Australian Cat Federation. We are a non-profit organisation and our major aim is to promote the Birman Cat.

The Queensland Birman Cat Fanciers club was formed at our first meeting held on the 16th November 1990. Our club meetings are informal and all members are welcome to attend. This is generally a time to discuss the promotion of our breed, breeding information and our Annual Birman Cat Show. We hold a specialist show once a year, usually in May.

Please visit our site and if you are interested in owning and loving a Birman, whether it is a new kitten or an older adult, please visit our Kittens Available Page and Breeders Page.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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