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Jarrod Joe Hughes from Belarabon Station, an outback property east of Broken Hill, has offered to take on wild brumbies from the Snowy Mountains to prevent them being culled. Joe wants to take on every horse from the The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to house, educate and produce life companions for some lucky people.

Joe has had a lifetime of experience with horses and brumbies so when the NPWS said they want to reduce the number of brumbies in the mountains Mr Hughes and his family came up with the idea to save, train and re-home the horses.

If you want to own one of these horses and want to learn how to train your own horse? Come do the lot at a fraction of the cost. We are the only operators in Australia offering to receive every horse from Mt Kosciuszko National park to be educated and dispersed to horse folk.

The NPWS consider the number of brumbies unsustainable and damaging to the park's fragile alpine and subalpine environment. The draft plan outlines the culling from current numbers - around 6,000, to 3,000 in the next 5 to 10 years, and down to 600 by the 20 year mark.

Belarabon Station has the land, water, feed and infrastructure to do take on the horses and the knowledge and experience to retrain them. Mr Hughes said NPWS had given its approval for Belarabon Station to start receiving brumbies in the coming weeks.

Please share this information - it's a big commitment and we are going to need moral, physical and at times remedial help. Share, share, share.

"There should be no reason for any healthy Snowy Mountain horses to be slaughtered now NPWS have somewhere to locate them to become someone's treasured companion." Mr Hughes said the horses would have a higher chance of being rehomed if they're trained. "We're looking for sponsors to come on board. "It is a goodwill thing; we're a small family, trying to do our bit for the horses."

Eventually, Mr Hughes is hoping to start some clinics for children with the horses. "Hopefully we can start a clinic for disadvantaged kids," he said. Barrier Daily Truth, Saturday, 11th June, 2016, by Emily Roberts

A testimonial from a chap that did some work with us recently -

"My son and I have been working with Jarrod Joe Hughes with Two of our own wild National Parks horses today, we were sceptical at the beginning and were wondering how the hell could he possibly train a horse in a day! Well one hour later and not only one but two Long Plain Brumbies have been handled! Now to add to this I loaded up the worst possible horses I could, no whip, no lunging, not anything! A pair of gloves and a plain old rope.

I'm not here to piss in anyone's pocket but believe you me this technique works guys! At the rate in which we can peacefully bring these horses around and reeducate there won't be a cull! Simple as that. Please check the facebook page for a video of Brock Nye my 16 year old son riding this horse after not even a days work! I take my hat off to you Joey! I was a sceptic but now I am keen to show everyone this simple method."

We've also just launched a gofund me campaign - please help if you can -

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