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Baldivis Vet Hospital offers 24 hour care for your pets, through the Baldivis Emergency Vets. Our veterinarians can care for your dogs and cats, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rats and ferrets. We aim to provide your pets with 'gold-standard' care, by offering a range of services for creatures great and small.

We want to to help you achieve your goals and "live the dream" with your horses. We have the expertise, facilities and equipment to achieve excellent results. We care for all types of horses, small and large, young and old, basic breeding to advanced technologies, all types of pleasure horses together with racehorses and pacers.

Veterinarian, Vets, Animal Health, Micro-chipping, DNA Testing in 597 Baldivis Road, Baldivis, WA24 Hour Vet, Emergency Vet in 597 Baldivis Road, Baldivis, WA

Phone: 08 9524 1466
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