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Dr Tracey Henderson BSc BVMS MANZCVSc (Veterinary Behaviour) and Tracy Irons (Certificate IV in Companion Animal Training) are both directors of the company Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services (AVBS). AVBS offers the unique combination of a veterinarian with further qualifications in behaviour, and an accredited Delta trainer, working together, therefore enabling AVBS to offer a 'complete' behaviour service.

Tracey Henderson has been providing behaviour consultations for dogs and cats since 2004 at Willunga Veterinary Services. In 2008 Tracy Irons joined Willunga Veterinary Services, and have been working in partnership since. At the beginning of 2012 Tracey and Tracy took the next step to establish Adelaide Veterinary Behaviour Services - a business that deals purely with animal behaviour, Now known as Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services.

Please note - for trainers who refer to AVBS to see Tracey Henderson - these animals will be referred back to the trainer for one-on-one training.
AVBS does not provide a 'general' veterinary service for dogs and cats. If our patients have any issues other than behavioural problems, they will be referred back to their regular veterinarian.

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