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The Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat Society Inc.(AABMGS) became registered as an Association with the Office of Fair Trading in 2014. We are are dedicated to the development and promotion of goats with miniature breeding.

We are a friendly group with members working together to promote the Australian Miniature Goat (a designer pet breed), and to develop other miniature breeds of goat, such as the Australian Miniature Nubian.
AABMGS breed standards, and rules defining the character of the Australian Miniature Goat, along with the Australian Miniature Nubian and other miniature goat breeds, will be created as the need arises.
We take inspiration from the Miniature Dairy Goat Association in the USA which was established in 1996 in order to recognise and provide registry services for breeders of miniature dairy goats produced by crossing purebred standard dairy goats with Nigerian Dwarf goats. Why not do it in Australia?

Nigerian Dwarf goats are only recently arrived in Australia and are not yet readily available so the Australian Miniature Goat can be used in the same role - to reduce height.
The Australian Miniature Nubian, for example, is being developed by crossing Anglo Nubian goats with Australian Miniature Goats to produce smaller animals that continue to have all the beautiful traits of the Anglo Nubian. Australian Miniature Nubians are being developed also as a small milking goat for those who may not have a property large enough to support full-sized dairy goats, and because their smaller size makes them easier to manage. Foundation stock for the Australian Miniature Nubian needs to be chosen with regard to breeding, conformation, temperament and dairy characteristics that relate to the intended purpose of the breed.
The Australian Miniature Goat is a designer goat and is primarily bred as a pet.

Many breeders have worked extremely hard over many years to produce animals of very high quality with excellent conformation and short stature. Australian Miniature Goats come in four ear types. (One of these types, called the 'Nuwby' due to it having long pendulous ears, is an ideal type to use when breeding Australian Miniature Nubians.)

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