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Nutritious, cruelty free dog chews that are the longest lasting and most nutritious option on the market. Why are antler dog chews so good for dogs? Antlers are cruelty free, mess free, long lasting and very healthy. It's no wonder they're becoming so popular with discerning dog owners.

Cruelty Free:
Every year male deer shed their antlers. This means they fall off naturally with no human intervention. We collect the fallen antler and use the best selections as premium antler dog chews.

This is great news for dog owners that are conscious of where their products come from.

Mess Free:
-Antler dog chews are odourless. Even though dogs find them absolutely delicious - they are odourless for humans.
-Antler dog chews don't splinter or go gooey. They are slowly worn down by dogs gnawing on them.

This means they are excellent as indoor chews or travel chews.

Long Lasting:
Most of our customers get 6 months or more from their antler chews. Even super chewers like Staffies and Great danes! This is important information for people who are concerned by the price (antlers range from $10 - $44). When the right antlers are selected they usually cost less than $2/week.

Healthy for dogs:
-Antlers are low fat, high protein treats.
-They are also jam packed with vital minerals like calcium, phosphorous and zinc.
-Antler chews are excellent for dental hygiene.

To see the full selection of antler dog chews, please visit the online store on our website.

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