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Alpaca Magic is 250 acres of prime rural land set in picturesque rolling hills, providing a tranquil and relaxing get-away from the city's everyday grind and bustle. Just 20 minutes North of Canberra, access and parking is easy.

If you are looking for a pet - we think llamas are best suited as they are animals that you 'Do' things with (ie, hug & cuddle, put a pack on them and take them bushwalking, put them in harness and drive them). Alpacas are lovely too, but aren't quite as people-friendly as llamas.

It is always of concern to us that animals we sell should be well cared for and for that reason we offer unlimited after sales service and advice. Hopefully the animal well-cared for and happy in its new home, and the new owners are also happy and confident to handle their new animals. We also run a number of livestock workshops - alpacas & llamas, donkeys, training your alpaca/llama etc.

Our adoption program is mainly aimed at people who live in town (and can't OWN livestock). It always seems a shame to us that townsfolk think they can't enjoy any part of a rural lifestyle. The idea is that they pick an animal to "adopt" and they visit it and help care for it. Some of these people become long term volunteers at Alpaca Magic and some of them buy animals and agist (board) them here.

Our stud facilities are functional and well maintained. Stock laneways provide added convenience and paddocks are well fenced, sheltered and watered, and are mostly close to the homestead allowing easy visual supervision.

We are the largest llama stud in NSW and regularly test for JD (Johne's Disease). We provide unlimited agistment (boarding) and complete management on a short or long term basis, as well as after sales service. Yes, we breed English/Irish donkeys too!

With over 30 years of livestock raising and management, we have at last found the livestock that most suits our investment, farming and emotional needs and is particularly well suited to the Southern Tablelands. These truly remarkable animals are a joy to own and a pleasure to handle. No doubt you are aware of the many management and tax benefits of owning alpacas and llamas. You don't even need a farm to invest in alpacas and llamas - we can agist (board) and care for your investment for you!

As well as a working stud farm, Alpaca Magic is a teaching facility. We are happy to share our knowledge and facilities with our clients. Our service is friendly yet professional.

We run a variety of Workshops:
- Husbandry - alpacas, llamas, donkeys, poultry, general livestock
- Training - alpacas, llamas, donkeys
- Tree Change & Urban Farming & short farm visit workshops
- Fibre craft - spinning alpaca & llama fleece using the Ertoel Roberta Electronic Spinning Wheels, knitting, crocheting, wet felting , needle felting & dyeing workshops

Glynda Bluhm, Proprietor of "ALPACA MAGIC", has been involved in keeping and breeding the livestock since 1968. Glynda is a full-time farmer, allowing ample care and attention to the livestock at Alpaca Magic, whether owned or agisted (boarded). Glynda has a sound knowledge of animal husbandry and management procedures including, feeding & nutrition, livestock selection, breeding, drenching, vaccinating, castrating, foot care, and is an experienced trainer, handler and stud manager. She has attended courses for farmers to improve their basic vet and management skills as well as courses in fibre production, and a donkey judging clinic.

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