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The Abyssinian and Somali Club Of Australia Inc is a friendly club for lovers of Abyssinian and Somali cats. The club was founded as the Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia Inc. in 1966 and is the oldest and largest Club of this type in Australia. The Club is devoted to the welfare of Abyssinian and Somali cats and caters for owners, exhibitors and breeders from around Australia.

Members receive two electronic newsletters a year which include End of Year Awards placings, our annual show results and other club information. The Club runs an annual championship show with a specialist ring for Abyssinian and Somali cats and kittens which offers a venue where enthusiasts of the breed have the pleasure of meeting with others on a regular basis.

Club meetings are held by teleconference as our members are based right around the country. Occasional seminars and presentations are held in Sydney. For members, the Club provides help with selling kittens and re-homing cats.

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