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The first few years of a puppy's life are full of adventure and just like humans, it takes a village to raise one! In this project, La Trobe University's Anthrozoology Research Group are working with dog breeders and new puppy owners to track puppies across the first few years of their life to better understand how factors such as breeding, socialisation, health, and temperament may impact the relationship between dogs and the people that care for them.

We're looking for dog breeders and puppy owners to take part in a new research project investigating what makes the human-dog relationship tick.

Puppy Owners:
If you have recently welcomed a puppy into your family we would love to learn from your journey. By taking part in this study, you will improve scientific understanding of the development of puppies and their relationship with their owner(s). By doing this research, we hope to identify factors impacting successful dog-owner relationships to inform best practice for owners, breeders and other pet professionals. Please visit our website to join and take part.

Dog Breeders:
By taking part in this study, you will improve understanding of how dogs are bred, raised, and homed by their breeders. We hope that the results of this questionnaire will inform the development of evidence-based policy promoting ideal dog breeding practices, to improve dog welfare and the human-dog relationship. It should take approximately 20 -25 minutes of your time to complete. Please visit our website and click on the breeders section to join and take part.

As such, they are currently looking for people who have bred a litter of puppies in the past twelve months to take part in an online questionnaire to learn more about the way you breed, rear, and find homes for your puppies. All breeders above the age of 18 and proficient in written English are invited to take part. For more information, please go to our website.

Ethics Committee Approval Number: HEC21006

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