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New to Perfect Pets?  The first thing you need to know - it's all good!


Perfect Pets aims to provide a safe and reliable place for pet lovers to connect and find all things pets. As well as helping you to find pets, pet services and products, our platform also allows shelters, volunteers, hobbyists and clubs to connect with the public and each other. 


Our site has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to promote ethical and honest interactions, so that visitors, members, and the animals we love are better protected. Our verification process is just one of the ways that will help to ensure that many of the issues and problems that are facilitated by online and regular classifieds (eg. scammers and puppy farming), are avoided. 


Perfect Pets has been established with a view to raise money and awareness for  animal welfare and conservation issues.  We know that more and more people are looking for businesses and services that are moving towards more positive practices that reduce harm and foster a new way forward.  Please help us help the animals - together we will get there!



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Use our unique search function to find the pet, pet product or service that you’re looking for by selecting from the dropdown lists on the Perfect Pets home page or search page.  If looking for a pet, you can search by pet type, breed, ad type, or location.  For products or services, you can look through service or business type alone, and if you're looking for something close to home, use the location search as well.  You can search using just one, or all of the dropdown options provided.  More...



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You only require an email address, which will allow you to create an account and if you like you can get started with a listing ad (for sale, for adoption, events etc) and create a profile page.  



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It's totally free to have a listing (or ad) on Perfect Pets.  To get started just click on the 'join up' button on the top right hand side of any page.  This will allow you to create a basic account so that you can get started with your  listing.  A listing runs for 90 days from the day it is made active.  More...



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