Searching for pets, pet businesses, services, shelters etc.

Start your search by selecting from the dropdown lists on the Perfect Pets home page or dedicated search pages (for sale, for stud etc).    If you're looking for a pet, you can search by pet type, breed, ad type, or location.  You can search using just one of these criteria, or all of them.   For products, services, shelters etc you can search by type alone, or include location to find options close to home.  If your search returns a lot of results use our filters to narrow down the results.


Contacting breeders and other advertisers

You can send a message to advertisers by clicking on the orange 'send a message' button. Our messaging facility is secure and protects your privacy.  You are required to provide your email address so that the advertiser can respond to your message.   You can include your phone number when you send your message but this is optional. 


When contacting advertisers be sure to ask questions that give you a good idea about what the pets needs will be in both the short and long term.  Reading through the choosing a pet and breed information pages will give you an idea of some of the questions you should ask.  At a minimum, be sure you understand it's feeding and veterinary requirements, and how much company, exercise and training the pet will need. 



Registered cat breeders and registered dog breeders

We have information about registered cat breeders and registered dog breeders, what registration really means, and the types of things you should ask for and expect from a breeder.  While some of these requirements are particular to cat and dog breeders, they are a good guide for anyone who is looking for a caring and ethical breeder of any type of animal.  

Read advice about how to find a good cat and dog breeder here...