How to advertise -  dogs for adoption, puppies for sale, kittens for sale, fundraising events, pet shows & promotions...


To get started just click on the 'join up' button on the top right hand side of any page.  This will allow you to create a basic account so that you can get started with your first listing ad.  Easy to follow tips and guidelines about how to get the most out of your listing are provided in the account area.  Listings run for 90 days from the day they are made active, and are free of charge.  


Listings are for short term ads - for selling a kitten or puppy, or promoting a fundraising event for example.  A profile page gives you a longer term presence on the site - if you're a breeder, pet business or shelter for example.  This allows you to leave a description, your contact details, photo's and a link to your website and facebook page if you have one.


 It's totally free to create a listing on Perfect Pets!