Volunteer work with animals


If you would like to register as a Volunteer on Perfect Pets just click on 'join up' to get started.  You will be given the option to create a Profile Page so that you can provide information about what you have to offer in terms of skills and availability  so that groups and organisations that need help can easily find and contact you.  Profile Pages for volunteers are free and volunteering to help out with wildlife and non-domestic animals is also encouraged. 


Animal welfare groups and organisations rely on the help of volunteers in more ways than you can imagine so if you'd like to help out please register.  Help is often needed with things like:


  • Office administration
  • Fundraising
  • Photography, design or printing
  • Event management
  • Legal or other professional services
  • Walking & Grooming
  • Feeding & Cleaning
  • Pets as Therapy
  • Education programs for children