We are a small family kennel living with the wonderful breed the "Cane Corso". Our dogs are used for guarding and herding free range flock and now sheep. We also show this magnificent breed at regular NSW Dog shows.

Our puppies are raised in a family environment on 25 acres, they have been well socialized with small children, horses, chickens, farm animals and other dogs. Our aim is to breed well balanced dogs and lifelong family companions.

About the Breed:
The Cane Corso (Corso for short) is a serious dog breed for a person who is serious about having a dog as a companion and who can provide him with the firm and loving guidance he/she needs to become a great dog. This breed is a family dog but don't expect him to buddy up with everyone he meets: He has no interest in people or other animals outside his family, but those within the family will have his undivided loyalty and protection. If you have a farm, he will help you with the livestock; otherwise, get him involved in a dog sport such as agility, nose work, protection, obedience, or tracking. The Corso is a highly intelligent dog. The ideal Corso is docile and affectionate toward his family, including children and other pets. To get him to that point requires socialization and training from an early age.

The Corso is one of many Mastiff-type dogs. This one was developed in Italy and is said to descend from Roman war dogs. He is more lightly built than his cousin, the Neapolitan Mastiff, and was bred to protect the livestock from predators , guard property, and be an all-around farm hand. Their work included rounding up pigs or cattle and helping to drive them to market.
The word "cane," of course, is Latin for dog and derives from the word "canis." The word "corso" may come from "cohors," meaning bodyguard, or from "corsus," an old Italian word meaning sturdy or robust.

The breed declined as farming became more mechanized and came near to extinction, but starting in the 1970s dog fanciers worked to rebuild the Corso. The Society Amatori Cane Corso was formed in 1983, and the Federation Cynologique Internationale recognized the breed in 1996.

For more information regarding this amazing breed, feel free to contact me and happy to offer more information on the Cane Corso. :-)

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