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Breeding and showing Persians at Skybank has caused many sleepless nights, yet given more joy to me than anything else. Over the years it has given me great pleasure to breed top quality Exotics, and share the lines with other breeders, particularly encouraging new breeders into the Cat Fancy. There have been many "highs" and "lows", which long-time breeders have to go through to succeed, and to "keep on, keeping on". Skybank has achieved many prestigious awards, too numerous to list here, yet I still strive to improve the breed.

All our breeding cats have been DNA tested and Clear for PKD. Please visit my website for more information or contact me (Betty) with any enquiries.

Persian, Exotics Kittens, Launceston TAS - Skybank Cattery - Persian and Exotic Cat Breeder - Launceston, Tasmania.

Phone: 61 3 6331 2120
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