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Sancheita Bengals is situated 45km north of Adelaide, in Gawler, South Australia. We have the peace & tranquility of living on a 10 acres, along with the horses, 2 Border Collies & a large assortment of birds in their aviaries & an assortment of native wild birds.

My Bengal queens mainly live inside with us unless they are visiting the Bengal stud boys in their specially designed cattery, with all the comforts of home, inside & out!

My commitment to excellence is behind every one of my Bengal Kittens & cats. The health of all of my Bengals, is also of prime importance. Regular vet checks & clean healthy pedigrees ensure this! My Bengal kittens are much more than beautiful faces & stunning patterned pelts.
All Bengal kittens are born & raised inside with us. The price of our kittens reflects the prime quality of food, facilities & the care that is given to our kittens & their mothers. For these reasons & more Sancheita Bengals, breeds the best quality silver & charcoal rosetted Bengals in Australia.

For important information on my kittens, see my kitten information & pricing page on my website.

I am predominately specializing in the beautifully contrasted silver Bengals & have now introduced the rare caped & masked charcoal Bengal into my breeding program from America,Russia & Poland.
There is also a wonderful website you can look up on my links page, explaining everything about the unique charcoal Bengals.

I am working hard on this with new imported lines & through my own selective breeding. This is now starting to reflect beautifully in the cutting edge litters of kittens that I am producing at Sancheita Bengals!

I have Bengal kittens living with their new families or with other outstanding registered Bengal breeding programs in every state in Australia & Internationally. Sancheita Bengals is registered cattery with the GCCFSA.

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Phone: 0403483748
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