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Miniature Goats Australia (MGA) is a single breed registry focusing only on the Australian Miniature Goat. Miniature Goats Australia was the first Australian Miniature Goat Association to offer a self-managed database. Members are able to enter their own registrations, transfers and upgrades; however an optional data entry service is available until members become confident with the system or for members who prefer to have their data entered for them.

Member participation is encouraged at all times when you are a member of Miniature Goats Australia. We set the highest ethical standards and want all our relationships to be based on honesty, respect, sensitivity and fairness with a commitment to open dialogue.

Our Vision is simply to consistently breed hardy, sound Australian Miniature Goats in line with our breed standards within a welcoming and positive environment.

CAE & Johnes Testing
In August 2014, Miniature Goats Australia took the unprecedented step within miniature goat circles to strongly recommend and encourage our members to test their herds for CAE & Johnes diseases. CAE & Johnes have been around for a long time and as a responsible breed association we feel this proactive step will help towards stamping out the spread of these diseases among miniature goats in Australia.

We are proud to be promoting transparency in reporting cases, and to be seeking and making available as much information as possible. This way our members, and the wider community can make informed decisions. Ultimately, this testing gives purchasers peace of mind that their cherished animals will not one day be afflicted by these cruel diseases.

Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc (MGA) is the only Miniature Goat Association in Australia exclusively breeding 'AUSTRALIAN' Miniature Goats and was officially launched in June 2014.

MGA has been formed to safeguard the future development of Australian Miniature Goats - that is goats bred from Australian bush goats and from other purebred goat breeds firmly established in Australia with generations of parentage behind them.

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