We are small-scale rescuers in South Australia, working with homeless dogs on a case-by-case basis. Our dogs are privately fostered, and are not kenneled. I am a registered, ethical breeder of border terriers, who also occasionally takes on dogs in need of care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do your dogs come desexed, vaccinated, or microchipped?
Yes, all dogs that I rescue are adopted out with all this vet work done.

Can I surrender my dog to you?
We can occasionally take on surrendered dogs on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch so we can establish you and your dogs' needs. Please note that, in most cases, dogs that are undesexed require a surrender fee of $100 to help cover our expenses.

Where do your dogs come from?
Generally, the dogs we take into care are surrendered to us. Occasionally, we take on dogs from pounds in SA and interstate. We also work with other rescues, so sometimes take on dogs they have acquired by other means.

What is the adoption fee?
The adoption fee for a dog is based upon their costs. Typically, our dogs sell for $150-$400, but they can be more or can be less, depending on that dog's individual situation.

How do I adopt a dog?
Please call Tegan on 0421 506 482 or send a message if there is a dog you are interested in adopting.

Pet Rescue, Animal Shelters in PO Box 60, HAMLEY BRIDGE, South Australia
Phone: 0421 506 482
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