Katrin Hewitt

Katrin is a certified specialist in canine nutrition with a particular interest in raw/fresh feeding.   She is keen to help educate pet lovers to improve the quality of life of companion animals and sees the way we feed our pets as a critical area to drive change.  Katrin is passionate about the welfare of all animals, cares for wildlife, and has many years' experience running not for profit organisations.   


In her other life, Katrin is an aerospace engineer with over 25 years’ experience.

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Katrin Hewitt - Perfect Pets Blog Contributor


Katrin & Ziggy


Katrin has always loved dogs, but with a busy life and work schedule, has only brought dogs into her life in recent years. 


''After a serious accident in 2014, I had the opportunity to reconsider how I wanted to live and work.  Ziggy came along when I was ready to start walking again and has helped ensure that I stay active and walking, even on days when I don’t really want to.  Alice - a rescue maltese cross - is my other baby.  Alice was supposed to be Ziggy's friend and companion but was the boss within minutes of arriving at our place''.